Monday, April 5, 2010

a little monday inspiration

today my head is on wood floors for the bedroom

i thought i'd share some photos where i'm finding inspiration this week


Scandinavian summer house in Australia (bonus finding this lamp too)

photo from emma's design blog

along with the floors this hanging blue fireplace is tugging at me
 Scandinavian summer cottage design

SchappacherWhite Ltd. traditional bedroom

a whole wall of chalkboard, think of how many 'to do lists' you can write!

photo of guest bedroom from my brewster home
floor I painted from my last house

it really does help to share these ideas.  after putting them all together, all of them show white or light floors...i think i better head that way in my plans.

Happy Monday Everyone


alexkeller said...

hmm - good idea. i should put my bathroom ones together...

ethanollie said...

i love the stove too!

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