Monday, April 19, 2010

the new etsy treasuries

Etsy launched a new treasury form last Friday, as a beta feature.

Treasury East (beta) is a testing ground for the future of the Treasury.

Create lists of items, as many as you like. Comment on other members' lists. Share lists and enjoy! Treasury East lists have no limits and no expiration.  They are rated by “hotness”,  so the more visits & clicks, the “hotter” the Treasury East, the more visible it will be.
Beautiful, diverse lists may be featured on Etsy's front page.

this one is called  "Mid Retro"

this one called "The Backyard Garden",
I'm thrilled to see this new etsy feature popping up.
I've always enjoyed making treasuries as a way of using some creative juices and as a way of introducing some of my favorite etsy finds with you. Lately, I haven't done as many, it became almost impossible to grab a spot. 

If you have a few minutes, visit the above treasuries and some of the other new Treasury East posts.
It's a great way to find some new favorites and enjoy a bit of the overwhelming creativity on etsy.

Happy Monday Everyone

ps; have you found any new etsy features you like? share them with us in comments.

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