Monday, April 12, 2010

monday's brainstorm ~

the outdoor shower

my love affair with water should come as no surprise.

living on Cape Cod, where the beach and lakes are so close by,  an outdoor shower is almost a necessity.  Ok, maybe not a necessity but a definite help.   then there is just the plain incredibly wonderful feeling of an outdoor shower.

it's been almost two years in this home without one.

folks,  I am on a mission !

pretty sure I have the location picked out and now it's on to the design.

should I start with my absolute dream shower..because this would be it

i love the idea of being surrounded by gardens ..but I'd rather not have any roof overhead

building a separate house for the shower... that's a bit out of the question

surfers end outbuilding eclectic exterior

ah, no..while it's unique...I just don't think I could do a tree house shower

i love the privacy and cozy feeling amy has created in her shower

this is a photo of the shower at our last home.  it was the first one we built,  it was large enough to have an area to keep your clothes dry and a bench.  it also had a lovely tree for a canopy.  this time I think I'd like something that looks a little less rustic.

 a good book i've been reading for inspiration and practical available from Amazon

do you have any monday brainstorms cooking? come share with us....

Happy Monday All


alexkeller said...

while i do like the shower house, maybe you could make a smaller version? a cross between your previous one and a little house?

Anonymous said...

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