Monday, April 26, 2010

monday morning musings

it's a foggy monday morning on cape cod. the kind of day that makes it hard to get going...

before i do, here's a few photos that tugged at me today...enjoy!

James Hill Architect traditional porch

Feldman Architecture modern exterior

Village Farmhouse- Richmond, VT contemporary hall
contemporary hall design by other metros architect Birdseye Design

note on this last photo..if anyone knows the wall color of the gray wall in front, please pass it on, it's just what I'm looking for...thanks

Have a wonderful Monday



ethanollie said...

what are you painting orange?

solsticehome said...

sorry, should have been more specific, the gray wall in front.

witchmountain said...

Farrow and Ball do some nice grays, if you get that in America.When the sun comes out I will take a picture of my Solstice Home tray complete with pink coffee mug and some sort of work in progress!Its all feeling very "springy" over here.x

solsticehome said...

we do have farrow and ball here,thanks for the paint tip witchmountain. i'm so happy your enjoying the tray! can't wait to see the photos.

Miss Sew & So said...

how amazing is that first photo- soo beautiful- see you friday with your photo
melissa x

Aprons Gone Wild said...

We're getting ready to return home to the Cape after a winter in the Florida sunshine. Fog and rain are not what I'm hoping to find!! But...I know that Cape Cod springs are much different than other places. We get our gift in the fall when the warmth of the ocean makes the warm weather linger a bit.
Olde Century Paints has a color called, Cobblestone. Might be darker than you want but it's worth taking a look.
Enjoy your week.

solsticehome said...

Hi Joanne
thanks for the paint tip. hurry back, after all the rain NE had we are enjoying a wonderful warm spring, even here on cape cod. the flowers are even blooming early.

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