Saturday, April 3, 2010

time to get your egg on

today is the day we color easter eggs.
it's always been one of my favorite things to do for easter. 

last year we tried dyeing just one egg using natural ingredients

this year I'd like to try a few's a few ideas for colors
  • Purple grape juice (for lavender)
  • Red cabbage (for blue)
  • Spinach (for green)
  • Carrot tops, orange peels or lemon peels (for yellow)
  • Coffee or black walnut shells (for brown)
  • Yellow onion skins (for orange)
  • Beets or cranberries (for pink)
  • Red onion skins (for red)
 Just boil your eggs in water with a bit of vinegar and one of natural ingredients,  ***then let simmer for at least 15 minutes
** NOTE: we boiled the eggs separately from the colors and  and then soaked the egg in the color with vinegar.
after all.. half the fun is lifting the egg up and down and mixing it with a few different colors

ha! i guess the above photo is a technique called "the crossover" careful trying this one @home :)

now here's a very unique way to decorate eggs
from Martha Stewart "Dyeing Easter Eggs with Silk Ties"

if your like me and missed it previously,  directions and how to video here

I love this idea...filing it away for next year and in the meantime...

it also gives me another thing to look for at thrift ties and blouses.

Do you have any favorite ways to decorate eggs?  share them with us in comments, you know I'd love to hear them

Happy Easter Egg Day

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