Saturday, April 10, 2010

out & about....the bear wakes up

i  love spring on cape cod.

there is a saying here "the cape doesn't have a spring"...but oh, it certainly does.

from it's quiet cave.. the bear starts to wake up from hibernation...slowly..

trees start to turn light green

daffodils start to poke up everywhere

the gulls start circling the herring runs

doors which look like they haven't been opened in a hundred years are freshly painted and swung open

the flags are hung out to  annouce the openings

and the still chilly water turns a beautiful blue green

hope you enjoyed this small cape cod tour...afraid there will be more ;)

Happy Saturday Everyone
ps: give me a shout...if there's an area on the cape to go... out & about for you..


Aron said...

Looks great! I've only been once, but can't wait to go back!

Chris Teso said...

great post again. love the photos and the peek into the cape spring. keep'm coming.

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