Wednesday, April 28, 2010

woo hoo wednesdays

looking for me very early wednesday mornings?

i have a secret little place i head to

to search for some lovely little things for the shop....

the really good days (like today) are my woo hoo wednesdays 

it gives some of my favorite chance to sneak peek the shop and reserve your favorites!

oh..where do I go?   hmmnn...leave me a comment,  I'll send you an email where the secret place is. we don't want to share with all of we?!?

happy woo hoo wednesday everyone


alexkeller said...

woo hoo! i live too far away to join you, but it sounds lovely :)

DesertNana said...

your booty is so remarkable Id be willing to travel and visit!!

solsticehome said...

hey alex..not that far for a good flea~cation

desertnana..i thought you were heading to the cape this summer, we have to meet up for a glass of wine

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