Tuesday, April 20, 2010

shop update....for the room you live in

the living room in my house is truly lived in.

on any given day it can be a  library,  dining room,  office,  playroom and yes, sometimes even shop shipping and storage room.

today i pulled together a few new items coming to the shop and a few that are already there.  they work well in this type of multi purpose 'living room'

for movie night or to simply look like a professional movie buff..

to write that best seller or to just jot notes to friends...

vintage olivetti  and olympia typewriters

to bring the outside in and decorate the walls

framed antique botanicals

to light up a dark corner and plan your next adventure...

a necessary evil,  might as well make it look good

when you can't afford the original masterpiece

and of course vintage books!! i have them stacked on the table,  in the bookcase, by a chair

most of the above are in the shop, some of the others will be coming soon...

Have a wonderful week


ShimmeringShack said...

This is so inspiring ~ I love your blog. Your item selection, photography, & styling are impeccable. I think that this is the best example of on-line merchandising that I have seen. It makes me want to buy everything in your shop & redecorate! Thanks for visual feast : )

solsticehome said...

thanks so much ShimmeringShack..you just made my day :)

Anonymous said...

Sue!!!! I'm so excited I got my secret birthday present today and promptly rushed back to bed to have tea and toast on my new tray!my friends are very kind and very naughty.Thank you for your note and the Cape Cod shells, its all too lovely for words! ( as is that book with the sleeping girl and the snowdrops) Much love, Kim x

solsticehome said...

Surprise & Happy Birthday Kim...
I've been holding in this secret awhile! so very happy you liked the tray and used it for it's intended purpose.

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